With the recent demise of Fidel Castro it’s very interesting to see the response from the liberal left in the United States.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went a step further and issued a statement calling Castro a family friend and “a remarkable leader.” Green Party presidential candidate Jill SteinContinue Reading

Mark Zuckerberg is no fool.  He understands the importance to China in his companies growth…but at what expense.  You see, Facebook is blocked from use in China.  It appears that the freedom that we have here in regards to the posts that appear in your feeds run contrary to theContinue Reading

Hey Howard, should we call them Lutheran Terrorists…Dean says attackers were not Muslim terrorists. Third police officer killed today by the Muslim Terrorists. Could we be next – Islamic immigration to the United States is on the rise. Couldn’t find reference to this in the mainstream media.  The French policeContinue Reading

“Nothing up my sleeves” During his remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative, President Obama admitted that Obamacare will raise taxes.  Specifically on: Uninsured families Medical Devices Flexible Accounts Small businesses People with high medical bills Charitable hospitals In Tennessee, Obamacare will triple men’s premiums and double women’s. Kentucky – ObamacareContinue Reading

In Georgia – Obamacare to force 198% increase Obamacare drives rates up in Ohio Congress and staff exempt from Obamacare Taxpayers to help pay premiums for Congressional employees IRS doesn’t want to switch to Obamacare Plan List of Obamacare Exempt CompaniesContinue Reading

We didn’t domesticate dogs… they domesticated us What the hell is he talking about!!!  There was a time when my daughters did not have the same opportunities… Look who’s whining now….Bill Maher complains that his taxes are to high. Woman fined $220,000 for downloading music You have to love CaliforniaContinue Reading