Life With A Dog

Adding a dog to your family can be a life altering experience. Not in a bad way though.  Dogs quickly work their way into their human’s lives and change them.  Have you ever wondered how having a dog changes your life? Let’s take a look.

A New Family Member

Adding a dog to your family is the same as adding a baby, you are adding a new family member who will quickly become beloved.  You care for your dog, spend time with your dog, feed them, and more, all just like a family member.  This feeling of having another family member is something that you can’t easily match and it isn’t something that you will take lightly.

A Dog Will Make You More Active

Unless you were already super active, a dog will make you more active. A dog needs to be walked regularly so they don’t use the bathroom in your house.  Most dogs also have a lot of energy. They want to get out and play, they need it too. Just like humans, dogs rely on exercise in order to stay fit.  You will be part of that exercise because a dog can’t go out and have fun by itself.

Dogs Provide Comfort

One of the best things you will find is that a dog will provide you with comfort. When you are feeling down, a dog will cuddle with you and spend time with you. As a big furry friend, there isn’t anything else that can really provide comfort in the same way.

There are often times when the bravest of us get scared when we are out walking alone.  A dog is your constant companion and no matter how loving they are with you, they are quick to defend their humans.  Many dogs will even defend other household animals as long as they have become accustom to them.

You Will Smile and Turn To Mush

Dog owners smile more than other pet owners and non-pet owners.  This is because dogs turn us to mush.  When we have our first dog, we become very attached to them.  No matter how cute someone else’s dog is, we think ours is the cutest and the best.  Something about dogs, whether its how cute they are, how good friends they are, the way they act, or something else, brings joy to our hearts.

Dogs Make Blunders And You Learn To Get Over Things

Dogs don’t think like humans do and as such they sometimes do things we wished they didn’t. For example, chewing up your cough or favorite pair of shoes.  This is just how they are.  You can train them not to but then there will just be another blunder.  Because you love your dog you learn to get over these blunders.  Through this you learn to get over things faster in general.  This is an important skill that will help you in everyday life.

You Will Have A New Friend Who Relies On You

Before you have a dog it is hard to imagine having someone who relies on you for everything.  Your dog trusts you to provide food every day, to take them on walks with you, to provide medical care, and to be a friend.  The feeling of having a friend who trusts you to provide for them is great.  A dog is just like a human, if you don’t provide it with the care you need, it will become sad and have emotional issues.  You will always want to be the best human for your dog. The last thing you want to do is upset them.

Your Dog Will Be Envious of You

Not everyone knows it but your dog gets envious when you are not there or when they see you doing other things.  You will have a new member to the family but it will be a new member that will require a lot of attention. Luckily, the attention you give will be fun and like nothing else you have experienced.

Dogs change your world but always in a good way.  Despite the fact they are dogs, our pets help us to be better humans.  That means you will be happier, more comfortable, and enjoy life more with a dog.  Out of all of the pets around the world, a dog is also the most loyal.  You will have a new friend, family member, and companion, all in an adorable, furry dog.


  1. everything’s great until you get a Cooper……. should come with a new car interior

    1. What did Cooper do? Tess has a condition… every time she gets in any vehicle, she poops. 🙂 I don’t understand.

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