Flying Like a Bird

I think I need to get one of these.

One Nation Under Socialism

A new painting by Jon McNaughton

What should the government provide to help achieve the American Dream

Jack Chambless is a Professor of Economics at Valencia College. On one of the first days of class he asked his students to write a short essay on what the American Dream means to them and also what the government should do to help them achieve that dream. At first I thought that the results were startling, but after thinkng about the whole occupy movement, all of the reality TV shows, the dismantling of our public school system by the teachers unions and lawyers I guess this is to be expected.

3D Printer

I was going through various articles this morning when I came up with this.  Just think of the impact on this type of a machine in manufacturing.  The wrench they scanned might be to expensive today but as the technology evolves will become cheaper than traditional manufacturing methods.

More Obama Vacation Controversy

Have you heard that President Obamas daughter is spending her spring break in Mexico.  Well if you don’t hurry all evidence of the vacation will have disappeared from the web.  To make matters murkier she is there despite the Department of State issuing a travel advisory on February 8th, 2012 against travelling to Mexico.  Not to worry about her safety though, we (the American taxpayers) have sent 25 Secret Service agents to ensure she stays safe.

There was a story reported n the UK Telegraph that was available earlier today but now cannot be found.  The same, vanishing story happened at Yahoo News.

I just don’t understand why she couldn’t have found someplace in the United States to spend spring break.  Between her, her friends and the 25 Secret Service agents I sure that would be a minor economic boon for any city.