Sportsmanship…I once thought that was dead, but over the weekend I watched two incidents that made me believe that there is still hope.

First…The Tiger vs Phil Match.  Overall it was an underwhelming display of golf.  I believe, between the two of them they had one birdie over 18 holes (Tigers chip in on the 17th).  On any other day they would have more than one birdie.

But on the made for TV playoff holes, the 21st, Phil tells Tiger he doesn’t want to win that way.  Tiger was most likely going to miss the putt and Phil would have won.  Instead, being a sportsman, Phil wanted to win straight up with Tiger.  On the 22nd hole, Phil won.  Tiger missed his putt and Phil didn’t.

Second…My Florida State Seminoles got schooled by Florida on Saturday.  At the end of the game the Florida coach was being interviewed when he saw one of his players carrying a big Florida flag running to the FSU logo at the center of the field.  The player planned on planting the Florida flag into the center of the FSU logo on the field.  The coach stopped his interview to yell at the player to stand down and not plant the flag.  I think most coaches would have been absorbed in the interview and let the flag plant happen which would have ensued in fights between both teams.  Great job Dan Mullen!!!

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