Things you wanted to know

1,072,00 Illegals This Year!!!

James Corden, who is british, snipes at President Trump. Says that all of the people that he respects are not fans of the President. Who cares what he thinks…I’m not a fan of James Corden…most likely not fans of his friends either.

It’s okay to have a Gay Pride Parade but don’t think about having a Straight Pride Parade.

Typical…leftist protestor. No facts to stand on…calls a Trump supporter “Nazi Scum” and physically accosts him.

I’m not sure if you’ve flown lately but TSA is strict about required documentation to get through…unless of course you are an illegal immigrant.

I think it would have been less painful to just leave the country…Women stabbed herself 3 times in the stomach because she was tired of living in Trump’s country.

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